are aussie casinos reliable these days?

Online casinos that accept Australian players 2023

Secure online casinos in Australia: For the gambler, security is the top priority. Whether in online casinos or in stationary casinos: when it comes to real money, then of course you want to be secured. We show which online casinos are particularly safe.

By what you can recognize secure online casinos:

secure online casinos always have state licenses and seals of approval from independent auditors;
at the customer service you can already see whether the company makes an effort;
data protection must be explicitly regulated in the general terms of contract;
all transactions must be technically secure and run over encrypted lines.

Especially on the Internet, there are always stories about fraud and dubious providers who treat players unfairly. Fortunately, however, there is not only a regulated industry and institutions that also check the fairness and security of the providers on the net, but also many online casinos that have been checked several times and can be relied upon.

Basically, as a new player you can rely on the fact that there are no recommendations for dubious providers. In order to be able to protect yourself to the maximum, however, you can pay attention to some things that characterize a secure online casino.

How do you recognize secure online casinos Australia?

Players can actually already recognize with a few clicks whether the offer is safe. With “secure” is not only a responsible company with a real team, but of course also a technical security that promises absolute data protection.

In the past, there were still problems to recognize which online casinos are really state-regulated and have valid licenses. Today, the problem with the dubious casinos has almost disappeared, because players have become better at recognizing the black sheep. However, even with a license does not mean that the quality of the games or service are equally good.

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If you look at the offer in all its abundance, you get a little dizzy: there are so many that do an average job. But there are also some that make a positive impression, and it is precisely these providers that we naturally recommend. They are not only safe and serious, but also do a good job in all things. These are the providers that you can recommend unconditionally.

We have once again clearly categorized which points you should pay attention to.

Aussie casinos have a trustworthy customer service

In a secure online casino, you can definitely count on a customer service that is always available to answer all your questions about security and technology. Here you can eliminate the first ambiguities even before you have even registered. If the customer service is not reachable, it will not be if you have a problem – and therefore you better leave it alone.

secure casinos have licenses

Good, safe and reputable online casinos are always licensed in Europe. This is a real industry, which is naturally eager to grow and attract more customers. Therefore, licensed online casinos are also regularly checked for the fairness of their technology and the usual quality standards. The licensing and seals of these tests can be easily recognized on the website of the provider.

Bonus offers in Aussie online casinos

In a serious online casino, however, it is not just about technical security or regular checks, but about basic fairness that goes beyond the results of the games. Many new players are financially extremely excluded in worse online casinos with hard betting conditions for the bonus offers, for example.

These bonuses operate absolutely legally, they are simply not very recommendable. They offer very high bonuses to new customers, and those who do not inform themselves in time and in detail in the fine print, however, miss the fact that these bonuses cannot possibly be released without losing all the money.

With licensed and reputable providers, the turnover conditions are usually 10 to 20 times the amount deposited. With the less reputable providers, the turnover is sometimes 150 times the deposit amount. No one can and will ever be able to successfully deny this. In addition, games such as roulette or blackjack are also excluded from these conditions! One plays oneself stupidly and into the ruin, before one has even a cent on the account.
Online casino fraud?

Opportunity makes thieves, as the saying goes. Despite all the warnings, precautions and safety instructions, you can never be 100% sure that you will be treated fairly. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to deal with the most common scams in the online casino.

Even if it is very unlikely that a recommended casino uses one of these tricks: it does not hurt to inform yourself. We have already partly mentioned them:

Unfair bonus terms. These are usually fixed and can surprise you if you are not careful.
Unfair payout conditions. Many people are now switching to live casinos because they do not trust the variance of payouts. This is not necessary with safe and reputable providers, but because there is a lack of transparency, you can be driven crazy with many losses. Some online casinos have taken advantage of this in the past and actually tweaked the statistics to their advantage (not to be confused with the house advantage, by the way!)
Arbitrary blocking of player accounts. A completely unfair trick. The casino accuses you of cheating or at least trying to cheat and therefore has a reason to block the account. There is no refund in this case and usually you will never reach the customer service again.

What games are there in online casinos?

Nowadays you can find a very varied offer of hundreds of different games of chance at online casinos. These include the classics among the table games, such as blackjack, baccarat, the favorite in Las Vegas: Craps, and last but not least Roulette. A large part of the casino offer consists of slot machines with or without progressive jackpot, video slots with spectacular bonus rounds and video poker games. The latter are a heavily modified version of poker with elements of video slots. In addition, at some online casinos you will also find exotic games such as Pai Gow Poker, Big Six Wheels, Casino Hold’em or the classic from Asia: Keno. Many online gambling providers also offer one of the English favourites: bingo. The latest innovation on the market is called Live Casino. In Live Casino you play via live stream at a real table in a casino hall or studio with a real croupier.

Are there any bonuses in online casino play?

Yes, the bonuses offered by online casinos are even much higher than those offered by online pokies sites. It is no secret that the house always makes a profit in the end. However, that doesn’t mean that players don’t sometimes cash in big time. On our homepage you will find a handful of players who have recently won life-changing jackpots. Still, online casinos are willing to offer a top online casino welcome bonus to make the gamblers enjoy the game at their tables. So you can count on the online casinos on our website with welcome bonuses of 100% or above. For more details on the bonuses and promotional offers available, please visit the websites of the online casinos we recommend.

Can you also play for real money?

Yes, you will find a wide range of real money games at all online casinos on our website. For more details, please visit the website of the Internet casino of your choice in our top list.
How are the casino providers regulated?

On the one hand, the online casinos are of course regulated by the state authorities with which you are registered. You are subject to Australian regulations and only reputable companies can obtain gambling licenses in Australia. On the other hand, trustworthy Internet casinos undergo voluntary inspections by independent organizations such as eCOGRA or TRUSTe, which regularly examine the casino games and their random number generators. Casinos that pass these tests receive a seal of the organization for their homepage and are thus declared as fair and safe.

How old do you have to be to play for real money on the Internet?
As soon as you are of age, i.e. 18 years old in Australia, you can visit online casinos and legally gamble for real money.

Are the online casinos safe?

As with online poker, there are numerous casino sites for Australia that you can use safely. The online casinos recommended by not only have an impeccable reputation among Aussie casino experts, but have also been tested by independent organizations for player protection and have been awarded as fair and safe virtual gaming sites.

How do you find a good online casino?

Especially as a beginner, it is not always easy to recognize a good online casino and distinguish it from bad providers. Our poker experts at, who have years of experience in evaluating poker sites, have looked at the various online casinos and judged them specifically from the perspective of online poker fans. So you can be sure that you will find only the best online casinos for gamblers from Australia on this site.

Which games are the most popular in Australia?

The most popular casino games in Australia are still Roulette and Blackjack. Accordingly, all good casinos on the net for Australia offer these two games in dozens of different variations. The Live Dealer Blackjack, Baccarat, Hold’em and Roulette games are also very popular in 2021. Among the slot machines, Aussie gamblers prefer the casino slots of Isoftbet and Igteche, which are probably known from numerous gaming halls and bars in Australia and are also available at some Internet casinos.

Which games offer the best chances of winning?

Unlike poker on poker sites, in online casinos you do not play against other players but against the bank. Thus, a house advantage can be calculated for all classic casino games, which describes the advantage of the winning chance that the casino enjoys over the players. Games with particularly small house advantages are:

Video poker machines with 9/6 payout or better: 99% – 101% payout to the player
Blackjack: 96.5% – 99.5% payout
Craps: 98.6 % payout
Red Dog: 97,7 % payout
European and French Roulette: 97.3% payout